The cambridge handbook of the learning sciences-Sawyer 2014
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刘宁 博士:阅读     第 1章:Introduction: The New Science of Learning (R. Keith Sawyer)

                             第11章:Frontiers of Digital Video Research in the Learning Sciences: Mapping the Terrain (Ricki Goldman, Carmen Zahn, and Sharon J. Derry)

                             第36章:Conclusion: The Future of Learning: Grounding Educational Innovation in the Learning Sciences (R. Keith Sawyer)

陈宝军 博士 阅读   第 2 章:Foundations of the Learning Sciences (Mitchell J. Nathan and R. Keith Sawyer) 

                             第 4 章:Metacognition (Philip H. Winne and Roger Azevedo)

                             第20章:Knowledge Building and Knowledge Creation: Theory, Pedagogy, and Technology (Marlene Scardamalia and Carl Bereiter)

方圆媛 博士 阅读    第 3 章: Scaffolding (Brian J. Reiser and Iris Tabak)

                             第15章: Problem-Based Learning (Jingyan Lu, Susan Bridges, and Cindy E. Hmelo-Silver)

                             第23章:Informal Learning in Museums (Kevin Crowley, Palmyre Pierroux, and Karen Knutson)

刘怡娟 博士 阅读    第5章: A History of Conceptual Change Research: Threads and Fault Lines (Andrea A. diSessa)

                              第9章:Microgenetic Methods (Clark A. Chinn and Bruce L. Sherin)

                              第26章:Learning in Virtual Worlds (Yasmin B. Kafai and Chris Dede)

石君齐 博士 阅读    第6章:Cognitive Apprenticeship (Allan Collins and Manu Kapur)认知学徒制

                             第22章:Arguing to Learn (Jerry Andriessen and Michael Baker) 辩论学习

                             第31章:Arts Education and the Learning Sciences ( Erica Rosenfeld Halverson and Kimberly M. Sheridan) 艺术教育和学习科学

包昊罡 博士  阅读   第7章:Learning in Activity (James G. Greeno and Yrjö Engeström)

                             第10章:Analyzing Collaboration (Noel Enyedy and Reed Stevens)

                             第21章:The Social and Interactive Dimensions of Collaborative Learning (Naomi Miyake and Paul A. Kirschner)

徐唱    博士   阅读  第8章:  Design-Based Research: A Methodological Toolkit for Engineering Change ( Sasha Barab)

                             第14章:Project-Based Learning (Joseph S. Krajcik and Namsoo Shin)

                             第24章:Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (Gerry Stahl, Timothy Koschmann, and Daniel Suthers)

汪丹    博士   阅读  第12章: A Learning Sciences Perspective on the Design and Use of Assessment in Education ( James W. Pellegrino)

                             第25章:Mobile Learning ( Mike Sharples and Roy Pea )

                             第32章:Learning Sciences and Policy Design and Implementation: Key Concepts and Tools for Collaborative Engagement (William R.           Penuel and James P. Spillane)

 周伟   博士  阅读   第13章:Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics (Ryan Baker and George Siemens)

                             第19章:Videogames and Learning (Constance Steinkuehler and Kurt Squire)

                             第27章:Research in Mathematics Education: What Can It Teach Us about Human Learning? (Anna Sfard and Paul Cobb)  

司刊的尔 博士 阅读 第28章:Science Education and the Learning Sciences as Coevolving Species (Nancy Butler Songer and Yael Kali)

                              第29章:Learning Historical Concepts (Mario Carretero and Peter Lee)

                              第30章:Learning to Be Literate ( Peter Smagorinsky and Richard E. Mayer)

陈文     博士   阅读  第33章:Designing for Learning: Interest, Motivation, and Engagement (Sanna Järvelä and K. Ann Renninger)

                              第34章:Learning as a Cultural Process: Achieving Equity through Diversity ( Na'ilah Suad Nasir, Ann S. Rosebery, Beth Warren, and Carol D. Lee)

                              第35章:A Learning Sciences Perspective on Teacher Learning Research (Barry J. Fishman, Elizabeth A. Davis, and Carol K. K. Chan)               


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