• Creating a professional portfolio

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    • Creating a professional portfolio

    CREATING A PROFFESIONAL PORTFOLIO is essential in today's employment marketplace. A portfolio is a medium to sell yourself to a potential employer by showcasing your skills and experiences. It can be either electronic or paper based. A well-designed portfolio can give you an edge over other candidates in the job market. It allows you to prepare for an interveiw by organizing your thoughts about your successes and challanges to show evidence of your accomplishments (Burnett, 2001).

    • How to Create a Professional Portfolio

    Example of an introductory web page to an electronic portfolio web site

    Now that you know the advantage to having a professional portfolio, you might ask yourself, where do I start? It is helpful to follow the ADDIE (analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation) model when developing a professional portfolio. First, analyze your goal. Do you want a raise in salary at your current position or are you seeking a new position? Keep your employment goal in mind and use ADDIE as a framework to help you achieve a well-designed, user-friendly professional portfolio.

    Another reason to use the ADDIE model is because a professional portfolio shows achievements and growth; therefore, it is a continuous process of collecting samples, self reflections, and feedback of your accomplishments, just like the cyclical nature of the ADDIE model.

    • What to Include

    The diagram below shows one organizational schemata. Depending on your field, your portfolio may look different. For example, if you are seeking a teaching position, you may want to include a video of you teaching or your philosophy of education. The diagram presents a high-level outline of what could be included in either an electronic or paper-based portfolio. To learn more about each component, hover your mouse over each file folder or paper. 

    • Things to Remember

    Your portfolio is a reflection of you and appearance does matter. The time, effort, and attention-to-detail you put into it will show through to its reviewers. Be sure to have someone else try to navigate through your portfolio to test its usability. You may want to role play with a friend how you will use your portfolio in an interview. 

    • More Information

    Like many career topics, portfolios are evolving. Universities or online textbook support Web Sites are the best places to seek current information on creating a professional portfolio. Take a look at Ball State University's Career Web Site or Rebecca Burnett's Technical Communication, 5th edition web support for more guidance. 

    • Author

    Colleen Cunningham, Graduate Student
    SDSU Educational Technology

    Cunningham, C. (2005). Creating a professional portfolio. In B. Hoffman (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Educational Technology.

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