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    American Education Research Association Annual Meeting

    • Conference Theme

     2009:学科规范下的探索:在共同知识领域中的教育研究 Disciplined Inquiry: Education Research in the Circle of Knowledge AERA对我国的影响
     2010:理解变革世界中复杂的生态学Understanding Complex Ecologies in a changing world
     2011:煽动社会想象:教育科研为公益 Inciting the Social Imagination: Education Research for the Public Good

    • Sub-conferences

    • What new tools, social arrangements, forms of assistance, and identities promote expansive and sustainable learning?
    • How can we use research to shape and influence public policies that pursue educational equity and quality while supporting and promoting local and regional innovation?
    • How can research enable us to develop innovative forms of teaching and learning, curriculum and assessment that begin to address the possibilities and problems of economies and communities in economic transition, new technologies and media of communication, and attendant issues of exclusion, marginalization, and access?
    • In light of current knowledge, how can we advance educational and public policy on teacher preparation and retention, particularly in schools in nondominant communities?
    • How can education research and policy articulate more closely with public policy issues in health, urban development, employment, social welfare, migration, immigration, and other affiliated areas?
    • how the repertoires that people develop within and across the routine settings of their lives can be recruited to support complex learning;
    • how educational settings—formal and informal—can be designed to address the interrelated cognitive, social, and emotional demands of learning;
    • how multiple identities (e.g., based on family, ethnicity, race, nationality, gender, and sexual orientation) are shaped, recruited, and managed in different settings to influence goals, efforts, and persistence in acts of learning;
    • how learning in organizations involves the recruitment of diverse repertoires;
    • how knowledge develops and is distributed across time and space;
    • how the recruitment of diversity along multiple dimensions facilitates learning;
    • how learning occurs within and across time and space in complex dynamic systems;
    • how transitions across schooling, including transitions to postsecondary education, are influenced by a range of ecological factors;
    • how alternative organizational spaces for education, such as for-profit schools, colleges, firms, community organizations, and museums interact with schooling in recruiting and expanding repertoires for learning.
     学习科学
     非正式学习环境
     教育游戏
     移动学习
     计算机与网络在教育中的应用
     在线学习环境
     教师专业发展
     教学设计
     技术-教学-认知-学习
     促进学习的先进技术
     教学技术
     技术作为教与学的变革代理
     基于问题的教育
     复杂任务表现的评价

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    • Time

    2011年将于4月8日 至2011年4月12日 新奥尔良,洛杉矶。
    2010年 4月30日至5月4日 科罗拉多州丹佛市
    2009年 4月13号至17日 圣地亚哥,加利福尼亚
    2008年 3月24日至28日 纽约州纽约市
    2007年 4月9日至13日 伊利诺伊州芝加哥
    2006年 4月7日至11日 旧金山,加州
    2005年 4月11日至15日 蒙特利尔,魁北克

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